Run Together

Looking for a fun, affordable way your family can be active together?

Run Together is a run and walk program where families participate at the same time.

Children can either participate in supervised, active games while their parent/guardian runs or walks with other adults OR run or walk with their parent/guardian.

Are you a runner looking to connect with other runners in your community?

Come as an individual or bring your family and benefit from being active together.

Do you want to be more active, but not sure where to start?

Walking and running are flexible, low cost ways to be active while connecting with others. We can help you start a run and/or walk program.

Run Together Program Information

  • We have postponed Run Together to start in May or June at Conestogo Public School. More information to come. Email us at if you’re interested!

WHO CAN Participate?

Run Together is a run and/or walk program for families (or teen/adults who would like to participate on their own). No experience needed! All children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you have current or past injuries or are unsure if running is a good sport for you, we recommend you speak with a health care professional before starting a running program.

WHAT WILL You Do Each week?

We will meet at 4pm for a group warm-up.

Children will have the option to stay on the school property to participate in supervised, active games OR to run or walk with their parent / guardian. Parents are responsible for their children while running or walking off school property.

Everyone else will divide into groups, depending on your Run Together goal (running, learning to run through a run/walk program or walking).

At the end we will meet back up for some cool down stretches.