“As a mom, it’s really easy to tell your kids what you expect. But to show them what you expect is harder. And so I think the benefit of feeling good about what I’m modeling for my kids. I think that’s really one of the biggest benefits of the program is living an authentic life.

– Swim Together Participant (Mother)

“When (the kids) swim at other times, I don’t really do a whole lot of physical activity. So this was nice to be able to actually do it with them and get that physical activity instead of just hopping in the car and dropping them off and then going back half an hour later and picking them up.”

-Swim Together Participant (Mother)

I think the other benefit, quite frankly, especially because of COVID is I am struggling to find a social circle. To be part of the social circle on a regular basis… being able to actually be in a group in a safe space again, it’s something that I’ve definitely been missing.”

– Swim Together Participant (Mother)

“I think it’s important to do physical activity, even if you’re not really good, you’re still getting it done. You’re still having fun with your friends and your mom and that’s really important to be having fun with people who are important to you.” – Youth participant 

– Swim Together Participant (Youth)